Tec2Grow Solutions - What We Do?

We build awesome solutions which are innovative, modular & scalable.
We practice Agile Movement and deliver reliable solutions with quick turn around time.
Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, c#, .net, java

UX Design

5 Stage validation stategy for ultimate user experience

App Development

Build the app in best language

Mobile Apps

Build portable apps

Cloud Infra

Build and manage cloud infrascture

Server Management

Manage multiple and secure server environments


Learn from your data

Why Clients like us?


Focused Work

We deliver our solutions on time and you are able to focus on things that require the efforts.

We share our functioning very closely and are very proud of the fact that we never hide anything from our client. We are transparent and share things as they are.
Business have to reliable and many a times have to work with precision for repetivtive and routine tasks. It is easy to fall and slip, with so many gaps. We help clients with improved operational reliability with business functions.
70% of worlds businesses have reliable open source software. We help you with software which requires no licensing and can be deployed without any worries.
Our maintanence plan has almost zero downtime for. It is not easy for businesses to stop, freeze or pause the operations. We help you keep the systems live and kicking with our operational effeciency.

Our Skills

You can get almost everything done from us!

Ruby On Rails










Our Solutions

We have a range of pre-built solutions which can be customised to help you improve your business.

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Customer Relationship Management, tools to help you improve your business longetivity

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E-Commerce Websites

An E-Commerce website with all the basics like, SEO, marketing and inventory in place.

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Inventory Management

Know what products are where, complete inventory management to help you with improved sales

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Work more effeciently across the company, plug leakages, lost orders

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Ticket Management

Get all the information you or your team requires in one place, better decision

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Call Centre

Manage your call centre better with information on one place for all the agents

Contact Us

info[@]tec2grow.com or call + 91 98 192 42226